Suffering of Silent Acid Reflux

Silent acid reflux is a rare gastrointestinal disorder which is characterized by throat discomfort mostly at the middle of the torso behind the breast bone. This condition is commonly referred to as Simple reflux or laryngopharyngeal reflux. Over the years 4 people out of 5 who have suffered from silent acid reflux have been misdiagnosed with heartburn or even pollen allergies. This probably because they have similar signs and symptoms. It’s also a very rare condition. Therefore silent reflux is not only associated with acid reflux this because proton-pump-inhibitors don’t cause the relief to simple acid flux patients.

The Mechanism of Silent Acid Reflux

Research shows that pepsins might be the main cause of silent acid reflux. These are stomach enzymes responsible for digesting proteins. During acid reflux, these enzymes may enter your airways hence penetrating your mucus membrane. The entry of these enzymes into our airways end up causing silent acid reflux. After a while these enzymes, pepsin may come into contact with the acid. After getting into contact with the acid, the pepsins are reactivated thus returning to their normal functioning.


healthy bodyCauses and Treatments of Silent Acid Reflux


These stomach enzymes play a very crucial role in causing silent acid reflux. This means if your suffering of silent acid reflux at one point this enzymes must have entered your airways. After entering your throat or the airways, pepsins continue with their functions, but this time they are digesting your cells instead of protein. Having in mind that your airwaves and throat are neutral after a while they become inactive. During the next acid reflux, pepsins get into contact with the acid hence they are reactivated, and they continue digesting your cells once again. To curb the pepsins from causing silent acid reflux, you should avoid drops in acidity in your throats or airwaves. The most effective way to treat silent acid reflux is to fix your sphincters. By doing so, the pepsins will not be able to enter your airways or throat. Other treatments may include taking alkaline water. Alkaline water is very basic hence unlike acid which activates pepsin alkaline water permanently deactivates them. Avoiding acidic food and drinks may also help in the treatment of silent acid reflux.



Acid also plays a big role in causing simple acid reflux. Having in mind that pepsin are very active I acidic solution means that this condition will be more severe if the acidic levels in your body are high. To treat this, you can avoid acidic food and drinks. Alkaline water is also very effective since it deactivates the pepsins permanently.


Weak Sphincters

Sphincters are muscles responsible for preventing stomach content, for example, food, enzymes, and acid from entering your airways and throats. Therefore if you are suffering from simple acid reflux either Lower Esophageal Sphincter is weak hence during the constant stomach relaxation Pyloric Sphincter pushes pepsin and acid towards your throat or at some Lower Esophageal Sphincter became weak due its constant contraction and relaxation as you swallow food hence allowing pepsin to enter your treat this you should eat small meals all take drinks that will help the Sphincters relax.