CPAP Machine

Why You May Not Use Your Insurance When Buying a CPAP Machine

A CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine is crucial in the treatment of sleep apnea, a condition where there is an alteration of the normal breathing pattern during sleep. With the repetitive cessation of breathing during sleep, sleep apnea can potentially have severe effects on one’s health and can increase the risk of heart disease 5x. Indeed, sleep apnea is a condition that should not be taken for granted. It is, therefore, the most logical to do is to invest in a CPAP machine and buy it if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Buying a CPAP machine may entail legal considerations. As per FPA rules, buying a CPAP machine without prescription is not legal. But when you buy CPAP machine parts separately as accessories, there are no laws that can prevent you from doing so. You can purchase these parts and assemble them, and you have a brand new CPAP to use. This alternative helps you own a CPAP machine by letting you some money and effort.

A CPAP machine can be costly for a person who has not budgeted for the device before deciding to buy one. Will you, therefore, use your insurance to cover the cost, or does insurance cover CPAP expenses? You may take a look at the following facts before deciding whether you use your insurance.apnea

Prescription Is Strictly Required

Insurance companies can be the strictest agencies to deal with, and they almost always know all the rules. They will ask you your prescription and will not acquiesce to your wish to buy parts instead of saving on money. Insurance does not cover all the expenses in acquiring a CPAP machine.

Encourage CPAP Rental Only

Your insurance company will not only pay all of your CPAP expenses, but it also encourages you to rent out a CPAP machine from a company that your insurance company subsidizes. When you are on a tight budget, you may have to compromise with this setting. It will help you with the monthly amortizations, but you will be under scrutiny during the whole duration. They will always find loopholes to abort the rental agreement.


Does Not Support a Second CPAP Machine

It should be an excellent idea to buy a second CPAP machine which is suitable for travel. It can also be used during emergencies when your other CPAP machine malfunctions. Insurance companies, as said, are very strict and will support any idea of buying a second CPAP machine.

These are some reasons why patients with apnea don’t like to deal with insurance companies when it comes to acquiring CPAP machines. They will just handle the expenses straight from their pockets. To help you with your budget, time, and effort, buy CPAP parts separately and look out for discounts and promo sales.